Jay Jump – Floating Islands

Check out the new indie game Jay Jump! Help Jay in the most difficult challenge : stay alive and avoid the dangers of floating islands !

Jump on the floating islands, collect coins , and get as far as possible !

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• Hold to make long jumps using the Jetpack
• Use the floating islands as a Platforms
• Pick up to increase the multiplier for the score
• Use a new chance to beat your friends’ record!
• Unlock different characters ( School boy Jay, The Alien Viking, The Mystic elf, The cool girl, The funny one, and The ninja) and make them the jump ultimate star !

• Cartoon Graphics
• Jumping and Running game
• Relaxing background music
• Google Play Leaderboards! Share your score globally!

Jay Jump Game Play
A frame from jay jump Gameplay









Jay Jump Character

This game it’s free for android devices, but it’ costs 1.09 usd  on the app store due to the stricter app store policies. There are already numerous players around the world playing jay jump.

Join the adventure of this jumping game, share your score, and get viral with your friends!

You can play this addicting game without wifi. This game has a very addicting gameplay. Collect coins to unlock new characters or watch a video to get a new chance.
Tap to jump in this jumping game and become a jump super star !
This addicting game also is regularly updated.

You’ll love Jay Jump!

LRSdeCo is proud to present Jay Jump ,a new Action game. In this game you can challenge your friend and compete with them in leaderboard.
Please note: This jumping game is still in its development phase so if you find any bug then please send us a mail.